Family Friendly Education Conference, 2013

logos-ed.jpgDear Friends,
we cordially invite you to take part in the

Family Friendly Education Conference
Russia, St. Petersburg, 2013

The Conference that is the World Congress of Families VIII Preparatory Event and the WCF Regional Event was initiated by the NGO “For Family Rights” (Russia), headed by Pavel Parfentiev (WCF Ambassador to the European Institutions) and Family and Demography Foundation, headed by the WCF Representative in Russia/CIS Alexey Komov.

Several academic, state and civil society institutions supported this initiative as co-organizers, including:

  • St. Petersburg Children’s Ombudsman
  • St. Petersburg State Pedagogical University (Pedagogic and Psychology of Family Chair)
  • Moscow Pedagogical State University (Pedagogic Chair)
  • Moscow Institute of Open Education (Tutors in Education Chair)
  • Institute for the Development of State-Public Administration in Education
  • International Family Academy (St. Petersburg)
  • Interregional Tutors Association (Russia)
  • And many others

The official description of the Conference is:

«Family is the natural and fundamental group unit of the society, and it’s hard to overestimate its’ role in upbringing and educating children. So it’s very logical that the new Russian Law on Education says (art. 44 n. 1)  that the parents have a prior right for education and upbringing of children in front of any other persons. The role of the family as the subject of educational activities is growing, the participation of the parents in education of their children and educational organizations management is widening, the parental communities and informal parental education are developing. On the other side the participation of the educational institutions in the strengthening of the institution of family and family values becomes more and more important.

How should look the family-friendly education at all levels? How to make the family-institutions interaction more productive? Which role can the modern educational institutions play in the strengthening of the family and family values? Those and other questions would be the focal points of the Family-Friendly Education Conference».

The aim of the Conference is to gather academics and civil society experts for sharing scientific information and practical experience in order to develop the pro-family trends in the pedagogical science and practice, to unite the experts recognizing the leading role of the family in the education of children, and being interested in the development of the educational potential of the family and strengthening its role as actor in the education.

The following topics would be covered:

  • Family and the state educational policies
  • Home education – current state and future trends
  • Family training and family pedagogic
  • Family-related aspects in education
  • Family as an actor in education
  • Family Friendly Schools, and Pre-Schools
  • Strengthening of the Family and moral values in the society
  • Pro-Family education for children and adolescents
  • Family Friendly approaches in Higher Education
  • The role of education in preserving and development of family culture, parental involvement in education, developing the educational potential of the family
  • Parental and family organizations as a resource in informal education
  • Parental participation in the educational institutions management
  • Preparing specialists for the productive interaction with families
  • Protecting parental rights in education
  • and other similar ones.

The conference would include three stages:

  1. Round table in St. Petersburg State Pedagogical University (prominent Russian speakers discussing main dimensions of the conference theme) – April 18th 2013;
  2. Internet-stage: the articles, presentation, video-speeches would be published on the special Internet-site (July 18th – October 30th 2013);
  3. Final Plenary Session (in St. Petersburg, November 1st 2013) – the best Russian participants of the first stages would be presenting orally together with the international participants and invited speakers.

Call for papers:

We cordially invite all the experts, practitioners and civil society leaders from different countries to present their papers at the Internet-stage of the Conference. The papers and other materials would be published at the Conference web-site to be used in future by the expert community and civil society.

As the Final Plenary Session in St. Petersburg is one day only we would personally invite speakers who would be able to speak there in person.

No registration/application fee is required to participate in the Internet-stage of the Conference.

Papers admission criteria:

In order we could accept your paper/presentation it should be:

  • prepared in Russian or English language;
  • relevant to the above mentioned topics of the Conference;
  • academically and morally sound;
  • in line with the basic pro-family principles of the World Congress of Families, presented in its outcome documents such as the Madrid Declaration of the World Congress of Families VI, 2012 (as it’s the WCF VIII preparatory event and the regional WCF event);
  • respecting the prior and fundamental right of parents to chose the kind of education for their children and to direct and guide the education and upbringing of their children;
  • promoting the natural family as the fundamental group unit of the society and its role in and for education;
  • avoiding the direct propagation of any particular religion or religious belief (general remarks of religious nature are acceptable provided they are clearly and obviously connected with the Conference topics).

The materials presented should be papers that could be accompanied with:

  • the visual presentation (PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat),
  • video or audio record of acceptable quality (.mp3, .avi, .flv formas),
  • graphic illustrations (.jpg, .png).

If presenting materials previously published please indicate when and where the publication took place.

Please note: Presenting the paper and other materials you grant the Conference Board and AG the right to publish it for the free access at the conference web-site for the indefinite time. No author’s fee is provided by us. It’s presumed that the person presenting materials is their author of copyright holder. The person presenting materials is liable for any copyright or other violation occurred through the publication thereof at the Conference web-site. The Conference Board and (or) the web-site owner don’t bear any responsibility for the published content in this or any other regard, unless it’s expressly specified by the applicable Russian or International Law.


To apply for participation in the Family Friendly Education Conference and/or get additional information please contact the Conference Board via Pavel A. Parfentiev ( or AG (

We would be glad to answer your questions.

You can refer also to the Conference web-site (mostly in Russian):